Strategies for running your business are much different than selling your business .

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is that they think the strategies for growing their business and the strategies for getting ready to sell their businesses are the same. 

It is similar to selling a house. Your home might have a few minor issues you’ve been putting off because they aren’t important to you. However, these issues might stand out much more to potential buyers.

“Similarly, your current business goals might not match what your buyers are looking for.”

For example, you may run your business to maximize cash flow, market share, lifestyle, or something else. These are all great goals to have, but that is not how a buyer is looking at your business. 

Instead, they’re looking at the quality of your earnings, your leadership team, if your business can survive without you, market share and other factors you might not consider daily. They are looking at it from a completely different lens.

If you can align your strategies according to how buyers view your business, it can have significant impact on the value of your business if you decide to go to market.

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