How we protect you and your business’ confidentiality when you sell.

Confidentiality is critical when you take your business to market, and for good reason! You don’t want your clients or your employees to know about it. At our firm, we value confidentiality, but how exactly do we do that?

When we market your business, none of your information will be included in the marketing materials. Buyer inquiries only know that there’s a business for sale in their area. 

After buyers call, the first thing we do is have them sign a confidentiality agreement. This agreement says they cannot discuss the business with anyone for two years.

Then, we vet all our buyers to ensure they have the experience to run your business and the funds to buy it. We take them through each of these stages prior to releasing any information about your business.

We usually distribute your information to approximately 15 to 20 buyers, and out of those buyers, you’ll get an offer.

If you have any more questions about how we protect your confidentiality, feel free to email us at