Depending on your situation, we help you find the right buyer.

The other day, I was having a conversation with a client who asked me this fantastic question: “Who would be the best buyer for my business?” I think that’s a question that every seller should ask. When you first decide to take your business to market, it’s all going to be about the price. However, I can assure you that once you start this process, it very quickly becomes about the best fit for the employees, vision, and the legacy which you have built.

Buyers are divided into two types: strategic and financial. A financial buyer would be a private equity buyer. They’ll come in and put financial discipline into your business, infuse capital, and provide opportunities for your employees post-closing. 

A strategic buyer is looking at this completely differently and will buy your company because of certain criteria. For example, they are growing in your region, so they want to acquire your business to expand their footprint. If they’re good in construction and your business is good in mitigation, they’re trying to buy that skill and leadership.

There are many financial buyers and strategic buyers in the market, each with their own nuances. 

“We spend great time, effort, and resources to understand who’s buying, why they’re buying, and what their strategic mission is to ensure that we can bring the right set of buyers to our clients.”

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